Welcome to Amberican Designs! Over the course of my aviation career I have come up with some devices that I thought could help the industry. I noticed that with this diverse group of innovators and aviators that everyone was coming up with similar ideas but all slightly different with no availability to the rest of the aviation community.

I have designed some commonly custom made parts and put them on the manufacturing line. This allows everyone to have the same exact part that fits the same holes and space. These manufacturing processes allows you to have a professionally finished product that you are proud to bolt onto your expensive airplane.

I know that there are plenty of other ideas out there for this industry that are sitting on a bar napkin. Let's work together! Lets run with that idea and share profits! I'll do the work you just collect royalties. 

If you have ideas that are being custom made currently and think that they would sell, send me a message

The list of possibilities is long but distinguished.